Apr 14 2014

Your Health May Be At Risk

No one is going to live forever, but you should be concerned with the quality of the life you live – especially in your later years. If you spend your whole life saving for your retirement then how do you want those years to be spent?  Having time and the…

No one is going to live forever, but you should be concerned with the quality of the life you live – especially in your later years. If you spend your whole life saving for your retirement then how do you want those years to be spent?  Having time and the ability to pursue a passion and enjoy your free time, or chronic health complaints that blight your enjoyment?

So here are some warning signs that should show you need to change course, before it’s too late:

#1  A waist measurement greater than a 35″ (women) & 40″ (men). What I mean by this is not your trouser size, but the widest part of your stomach usually around your hips and belly button. If you find this is not the widest part of your stomach (almost like you are pregnant), then you most likely have chronic bloating (see point 4).


Abdominal fat is a problem as it means your organs are getting crushed by your excess weight. This crushing of your organs especially affects the heart, because it has to beat harder and faster, which in turn increases your blood pressure.  In addition, the muscular heart walls thickens in order to deal with the increased demands, and this can then cause an irregular heart beat.

Having a large waist measurement is a clear sign you are insulin resistant or pre-diabetic.  Your body is struggling to deal with all the excess sugar in your diet.  Over time your body’s response to insulin will diminish and left unchecked you are going to be injecting insulin by the time you hit 60.

Recommendation Reduce your refined carbohydrate intake.

#2 Chronic injury. I find it ‘funny’ that people ignore injuries or pain, chalking it up to age or – “I’ve had this injury for ages.”  The things with pain is, it’s telling you there’s something wrong, you wouldn’t ignore a warning sign flashing on your car dashboard, would you?

Injury promotes the release of the stress hormone cortisol which interrupts insulin from dealing with fat, sugar and protein within the body.  Your body’s main priority is to keep you alive, and when cortisol is released all non essential functions such as weight loss or muscle building take a back seat until the problem is resolved.

Cortisol will accelerate all other unsavoury outcomes from an unhealthy lifestyle: furring of arteries, insulin resistance, recovery from exercise and sleep disorders.  Continuous high levels can lead to your body shutting down – chronic fatigue syndrome and can negatively effect your hormones, lowering your testosterone levels.

Recommendation – Resolve long term injuries by seeing a professional

#3 Poor posture. The increase in obesity has been linked in many studies to the amount of time we spend seated. Personally I spend most my time standing, so I find it amazing when I see the scrum people make to get a seat on the tube when you’ve just been sitting for 8 hours!


There is no ‘good’ way to sit at a desk.  Swiss ball, swivel or stool they all wear your back out over time.   However sitting stooped over over your computer compounds the issue. Your back becomes locked,  and immobilised in the position. The vertebra (spinal bones) move about three degrees each and if a few are unable to move then the others now have to move greater than three degrees to compensate for the jammed ones. So what happens is one day you put on a coat, tie a shoe lace or even cough and that worn out disk bursts, leaving you in agony and unable to move.

Recommendation – Stand for part of you day & work on your upper back and posterior 

4.  Heart burn and bloating. This is probably the most ignored, and self medication with anti acids are usually the presumed cure.

Heartburn is generally a sign of over eating, stuffing your stomach so full that the hydrochloride acid overflows, burning your oesophagus. Eating too much rich food can also exacerbate this problem; fat in particular is difficult to breakdown. Continue to eat these foods and your stomach will release an abundance of cholesterol to breakdown the food which can lead to kidney stones.

70% of your body’s immune system is located in your gut, so if you have a food intolerance this taxes your ‘friendly bacterium’ and causes inflammation; a sign you are in for trouble. Inflammation in the body is a precursor to serious disease. So continually eating foods that tax this system will leave you open to cancerous cells, or other nasty diseases taking a hold in your body.

Recommendation – Note which food causes you bloating and remove these from your diet

If you don’t take care of your health, then nobody else will.  That means no one to support those closest to you.  If you’ve been successful in your career and family life but your health has suffered as a result, isn’t it time you looked after your body?