Resolution Reviver

What is our program all about?

Fast Fitness

Sessions are 50 minutes, get in, get back quick – And, we’re just around the corner!

All Body Assault

There’s not a muscle you won’t work. All those fatty bits you hate will be targeted, even your core

Intense Workouts

Not for the faint hearted, our calorie demolition record is 575 calories. We’ll challenge you to try and burn more!

A message from Salman, Co-Founder Salecca Ltd.

“This program will change how you view your body. Reviver is our most popular program and we only have 11 spaces available. We only run this once a year, so get involved before the places are gone. Any questions please give me a call!”

0203 489 2840

A Small Investment That’ll Deliver Tremendous Benefits

We have an exciting offer for you: A month of training with Salecca is normally £390; we’re offering 30 Days, 8 sessions, 400 minutes of fat zapping exercise…

For just £247!

There’s nothing to pay today, simply show your interest by completing the signup form.

Do it quickly as we’ve only 11 places, and this deal will sell-out while you mull-it-over.

Find out how we can help ‘you’

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2014 Reviver

44 Pounds (20kg) Lost



“I was always tired, my back ached and I felt like a fatty. Thanks to my husband’s advice I saught out Salecca’s services. A Reviver was exactly what I needed. I’m now fitter and stronger. They truely changed my life.”

2013 Reviver

50 Pounds (24kg) Lost



“For me this was my last shot. I’d tried before so many times & failed. I had no plan, just a goal. The Resolution Reviver gave me a clear pathway & I just followed it – simple. I’m proof of it’s effectiveness.”