エターナル ローライズリメイクデニムパンツ eternal クラッシュジーンズ 53571 #1インディゴ 新品

新作商品 ジャパネスク スカジャン 新品 ネイビー×ベージュ スーベニアジャケット メンズ Japanesque 刺繍 波に獅子 3RSJ-046-コート・ジャケット

ジャパネスク スカジャン 3RSJ-046 波に獅子 刺繍 Japanesque メンズ スーベニアジャケット ネイビー×ベージュ 新品

Japanesque メンズ スーベニアジャケット 新品 Japanesque Men's Japanese Souvenir Jacket Komainu Embroidered Sukajan 3RSJ-046

Switch Planning(スイッチプランニング)ブランドのスカジャンレーベル・JAPANESQUE(ジャパネスク)のスカジャン(メンズ スーベニアジャケット)です。












作品名は「3RSJ-046 Japanesque ジャパネスク by スイッチプランニング リバーシブル レーヨンサテン×ポリエステルサテン 中綿なし スカジャン メンズ カジュアル ファッション アメカジ×和柄 スーベニアジャケット 刺繍スカジャン 獅子 刺繍スカジャン」です。



Product Description in English.

Japanesque Men's Japanese Souvenir Jacket Komainu Embroidered Sukajan 3RSJ-046

This sukajan jacket is produced by Japanese casualwear brand Japanesque from Switch Planning and made in China. This product is made for Japanese clothing sizes. Body pattern is inspired by the classic japanese souvenir jacket, but this sukajan is outfitted with Japanesque's brand own detailing and design. And this souvenir jacket is decorated with the embroideries uniquely designed and inspired by traditional Japanese art, culture, symbols, patterns, motifs and designs. The embroidery on this jacket is based on the image of the Komainu (Lion-Dog in Japanese buddhism). And this sukajan is cut to Modern Fit with short in the body length for a more fashion-forward looks. This lightweight outerwear piece can be worn year-round, especially in spring and fall seasons. This jacket is suitable for fashion item and for everyday use in urban settings. This jacket is new original creations by Japanesque from Switch Planning.

Gender : Men.

Fit : This product is Japan size (Asian size), which is about 1 to 2 sizes smaller than USA and EU standard size. This product is originally intended to wear as a Modern Fit with short in the body length for a more fashion-forward looks. If you plan to wear heavy layers under this jacket or If you prefer a relaxed fit, please choose one size bigger. Fits may vary by style or personal preference.

Our model wears a tagged size Japan L( US S-M ) and is 175cm/5'9″tall, 59kg/130lbs and 91cm/36" chest.

Sizes available.

・Tagged size Japan M ( US XS-S ) - Would be a good fit for Your Chest Measurement : 34-35"(86-88cm).

・Tagged size Japan L ( US S-M ) - Would be a good fit for Your Chest Measurement : 36-37"(91-93cm).

・Tagged size Japan XL ( US M-L ) - Would be a good fit for Your Chest Measurement : 38-39"(96-99cm).

The following provides approximate garment measurements. (Not human body measurements).
Please compare actual garment measurements of our product to another you may own.

・Tagged size Japan M ( US XS-S )__Width: 20.1"__Length: 22.0"__Sleeve: 30.7"
・Tagged size Japan L ( US S-M )__Width: 21.7"__Length: 23.6"__Sleeve: 31.9"
・Tagged size Japan XL ( US M-L )__Width: 22.8"__Length: 24.4"__Sleeve: 32.7"

Width is half chest.
Lay the clothing flat and measure 3 cm under the armhole. Measure from side to side.

For more information, please refer to HOW TO MEASURE THE CLOTHING shown in the image.

If you are unsure of the size to order, we will assist you. Please contact us by e-mail ( pine-avenue@spa.nifty.com ) with the following information : Height, waist circumference measure, chest circumference measure, body weight, (and type of clothing to be worn beneath the jacket most of the time), as well as the type of fit you prefer : Trim, roomy or oversized.

Made in China.
Brand-new, new condition with tags.
*All measurements are taken with the garment flat on the ground.
*Sleeve length is taken from the center back of the neck.
*Please understand that measurements may vary somewhat.
*Note that actual color may be slightly different from one in the photo.

Fully Reversible, front side is embroidered and reverse side is plain (solid color).

Outer shell : Made of 100% rayon. Lightweight, No stretch faded satin. High weave density satin offers a unique flowing drape and sheen with a silky hand. Satin is a weave that has a glossy face and a soft, slippery texture. The satin fabric with sophisticated wrinkles and runs caused by pulls or snags gives it a true vintage feel.

Lining shell : Made of 100% polyester faded satin. It is smooth and sleek so you can take the jacket off and put it on easily.

Interlining (Type of insulation) : No fill, No inside padding. Lightweight outerwear. There is no internal batting, so the jacket is not bulky or puffy. It wears clean and close to the body. And this light piece of outerwear can be worn year-round, especially in spring and fall.

Types of garment closure (Placket type) : Zipper closure. The front zipper moves smoothly, and won't get stuck, with rounded edges to protect the fabric. The zipper is a special-order piece from YKK.

Storage : The front and reverse sides have curved double welt pockets reinforced with triangular gusseted stitches on waist. Double Welt Pockets with color-contrast.

Style : Mens Casual Fashion.

Pattern Type : Embroidery. Embroideries are created like hand work for a vintage-like effect.

Sleeve Style : Contrast raglan sleeves. Contrast stripe at sleeves with piping.

Sleeve Length : Long sleeves.

Other details : Two-ply striped knit ribbed sleeve ends, collar and waistband are comfortable and flexible with a blend of 88% cotton, 10% polyester and Polyurethane 2% fabric. *This item has been specially treated to produce a vintage-like effect. Please note that this may cause some of the threads in the base material and embroidery to appear loose or split and runs caused by fabric pulls or snags in parts. Please note that this is entirely consistent with the vintage effect and is intentional. This isn't an error - this is how this product should be. * Please note that the material used in this product is extremely delicate. The material is susceptible to damage from friction and wear, and its color may wear or fade in the sun. Note that the embroidered accent is extremely delicate, so avoid striking it against surfaces. It snags easily when the fabric comes in contact with sharp objects. Tumble drying should be avoided, as it can cause the garment to lose shape, fray, or shrink.

Japanesque (Script Hanatabi Gakudan) is a casualwear brand founded by Switch Planning in Tokyo, Japan.

Japanesque's products are introduced Japanese elements into american casual clothing making.

The items are produced to give added casual style for wear in urban settings and use in town.

Model name : 3RSJ-046 Japanesque Script Hanatabi Gakudan by Switch Planning Men's Casual Fashion Modern Fit Embroidered Satin Jacket with Classical and Fashionable Forms of a Sukajan (Japanese Souvenir Jacket) / Mens Sukajan / Fully Reversible, No inside padding, Rayon satin x Polyester satin, Embroidered souvenir jacket ( Satin flight jacket, Bomber jacket, Varsity jacket, Baseball jacket style for Men).

Japanesque-rodeo-japan Hanatabi-Gakudan-rodeo-japan script-rodeo-japan
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