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Are you looking to change your unhealthy lifestyle?

Meet Terry who lost 55lb by training with salecca!


“At 53 I felt this was my last chance to lose the weight I’d been steadily gaining for years. In the past I had tried various diets and run to keep fit, I even managed to lose a few stone for my daughters wedding, however it was short lived. The weight inevitably came back on with interest.”

Terry, 56

IT Manager


Have you excelled at work, but your health is suffering as a result?  Are you looking to change your unhealthy lifestyle before it negatively impacts your personal life?

Our health is the most important possession we own, without it our career, family and social life no longer function.  Activities you once enjoyed are no longer available to you, either through an inability to participate, or a lack of confidence to take part.  That is why people committed to their careers and families shouldn’t settle for less than a five-star fitness company.  Salecca are serious when it comes to fitness.

Are you tired of being uncomfortable with your appearance, having sworn you’d never end up middle aged and out of shape.  Do you get out of breath walking up the tube station stairs, or even fear for your health?  This doesn’t have to be you, with Salecca’s personal fitness training our dedicated coaches teach you how to burn fat, increase energy and live a lifestyle that enriches your home and work life.

We demand excellence, if you do too we invite you to complete the form to get in touch.

Why Salecca’s Personal Fitness Training leaves the competition ‘knocked out cold’

As a personable company we live and die by our reputation, and we’ve worked hard for it.  The strong personalities of Becs and Sal have forged a training philosophy that cannot be replicated by any other facility.  Salecca are not a faceless company – we want you to feel comfortable and supported on your journey.  We will get to know you and your personal circumstances so we can better understand your limitation and find ways around them.

Salecca personal fitness training centers around those who want to lose fat or tone up.  We’re not talking about rippling muscles and six-packs, we’re talking about a ‘normal’ BMI and a healthy body image.  Our comprehensive packages also gives you the one-to-one time you need to work on aches and pains.  Our step-by-step coaching gives you everything you need to know to immediately change.  We offer little-known techniques gained via solid experience with hundreds of clients.  You want to get there quickly, with no fuss – we have the track record to prove it can be done.

“I’ve been training with Salecca for over a year now. I initially wanted to train for a half marathon and wanted to loose weight. Over a year later, I’ve lost the weight but transformed my body as well – I now have muscles.”

Jasper, 36

Marketing Manager

What are you waiting for?  This may be the best investment you’ve ever made.  Call us now on 0203 489 2840