Personal Training in St Pauls

Do you look at old photos of yourself, see that you are flabbier & less muscular than you used to be and and wonder what happened?

Or do you get out of bed in the morning with aches & pains –  and you can’t seem to get through a week without your wife nagging you about your posture?!

Then there’s the stress and pressure of running a company, managing a big team AND looking after your family…

Sometimes it can seem like an overwhelming task to even start thinking about your health and fitness. But getting fit at 50 doesn’t have to make you miserable!

Through our structured strength training program STRONGER BY DESIGN, we will guide you on a journey that will:

Get you leaner and stronger than you were in your 30’s – you don’t have to accept middle aged spread and aging!

Build back the muscle you’re losing as you get older so that you no longer feel weak, and you gain confidence in how you look naked

Fix old niggles and injuries  – you don’t have to resign yourself to living in pain

Enjoy the challenge of developing a new skillset, where you will see measureable progress from week to week

Discover a satisfying and healthy outlet for stress – our bodies are designed to be physical!

See how our BALANCED EATING SYSTEM will allow you to enjoy a social life, eat out and drink…all whilst giving you more energy, better focus and a better sex life.

See how getting stronger will help your sports performance; from improved times on the bike, to faster 10k’s

Enjoy quicker recovery, and better quality sleep so that you no longer feel tired all the time

Improve your posture, stop slumping at your desk and feel like you command authority again

We don’t shout orders at you and treat you like you are back in school…

And we don’t take you on some crazy fad led starvation diet where you get great results but injure yourself the process.

We know from more than 12 years in the industry that most people are unhappy with their bodies because they are weak.

So we focus on getting strong.

Because lifting weights, WITHOUT excessive cardio is the key to a younger you!

We are here to help you navigate an industry that has probably disappointed you with less-than-startling results before, and to prove that you that no matter what your starting point, the only thing that matters is that you start.

Once you sign-up with us, you’ll get:

  • Nutrition coaching

  • A flexibility assessment

  • Strength testing

  • A fitness review

  • A postural assessment

We’ll know your body better than you do before we put pen-to-paper. Want proof?

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