At Salecca we train hard, so life is easy. That doesn’t mean we use threats, humiliation or shouting to motivate you – how sore you are after the session, isn’t a matter of pride to us. We listen to you and your body. We believe that if you enjoy your workout, you’ll stay committed and results will come easy.

When you train with us, you’ll experience being coached by an expert team, not individual trainers. Each coach through close observation we will off different tweaks, getting you close to perfect technique. Our small team has over 40 years experience between us. We can confidently say ‘we’ve seen it all’. And for the stuff outside our remit, we have an ‘on-hand’ physio we work closely with.

We have a plan, a success roadmap. Our co-founder, Sal, is an ex-paratrooper, so we’re all about structure, focus and results. Once you sign-up with us, you’ll get nutrition coaching, a flexibility assessment, strength testing, a fitness review and a postural assessment. We’ll know your body better than you do before we put pen-to-paper. Want proof? Check out our track record of result