Nutritional Coaching

Nutrition is the corner stone of body transformation. The training in the gym shapes the body, while nutrition reveals what’s underneath. If your coach doesn’t offer this service, you’d better run! It’s fundamental to your results on any exercise program.

At Salecca we don’t tell you what to eat every day. We teach you how to make the right choices, how to balance a meal and when to eat it. You can even eat out, have a few treats…and enjoy a few glasses of wine if you choose. If you do it within our framework, the fat will still melt off. And when you plateau, you can then decide if you want to sacrifice more treats to get to a lower weight – it’s your choice.

We understand that you cannot eat like a professional in the fitness industry. You have your own career, family and social pressures and most, if not all, don’t revolve around the gym. It’s our job to find the best plan that you can stick to easily, whether that’s low carbs, specific macros or just simple portion control. Within the restrictions you have we always come up with a successful plan of action whether you’re a meat eater or a vegetarian.

Unlike other facilities, we won’t rip you off with bodybuilding supplements. This approach usually doubles your investment for a less than 5% increase in results. We believe you should get all your needs from whole foods, only supplementing your diet if you have a deficiency, or you are in a bind. We’re not even that keen on protein shakes, as for many of us, especially those of us with dark skin, it causes bloating and digestive issues – a sign of intolerance.

Through our nutrition coaching we’ll make healthy eating accessible, even tasty and you’ll soon become addicted to the results and the healthy eating will be here to stay!