Balanced Eating System (BES)

Who else wants to drop up to six pounds of fat every month? Our custom system doesn’t make you hungry and irritable… and best of all it’s easy to keep to!

Good nutrition is the corner stone of all our programs.  We excel at coaching our clients how to eat for their goals; this is why Salecca clients consistently achieve the best results in London.

Don’t be fooled by media and internet diet claims, you know better than to think a fad can get you the body you want.  Our expert nutrition coaches don’t do ‘diets’, we coach you how to make the right choices to fit your new, healthy lifestyle.

Ever struggled to keep to a diet?  Suffered for a few measly pounds and then given up. If it was as easy as eating less, then there would be no one with a weight issue.  Losing weight requires eating the right balance of vitamins, fats and minerals and ensuring what you eat is absorbed fully.

Why is it that one person can eat junk all day and remain thin, whilst another can balloon just looking at a pastry!?

Our coaches have the experience of working with hundreds of clients – each with their unique dietary needs.  We look at your lifestyle and how that impacts how you eat: have kids, a high stress job, don’t eat meat or have food intolerances?  We’ve had success with all different types of clients, and our approach varies dependent on what’s best for you.

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If you’ve successfully lost weight before but most of it has crept back on, The Balanced Easting System can help you always make the right choices to first reduce then stabilise your weight

What makes BES so affective?

It is not an off-the-shelf template.  We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, so through a diagnostic process and direct input form you we write a plan that fits your constraints.  Going on holiday, tight work deadlines –  these things will no longer make your weight yo-yo uncontrollably, and your results will be maintained for life.  What have you got to lose?

What have you to lose?… Other than that stubborn fat you hate so much.  It won’t cost you anything to find out: call us now 0203 489 2840 or complete our contact form.