Massage Therapy

If you’re visiting this page then it’s likely you’re in pain….if not, then you’ve clicked the wrong tab!

By now pain that has become so bothersome it’s impacting your daily life, your sport, maybe even stopping you from sleeping, or equally pressing – hindering your job performance!

You can’t handle the pain getting any stronger; you needed to do something yesterday!

Muscular pain can have a knock on effect to all parts of your life, and we often leave it too late.

The is the classic journey our clients present before their first visit here…

  • Level 1. Ignore the problem (it’s nothing!)
  • Level 2. Notice it’s still there but still ignore it (I’m sure it’ll go away, I don’t have time to sort it out now)
  • Level 3. I can’t handle the pain anymore (it really hurts, I need to see someone now!)

By this time you get to Level 3 an injury may lead to time off work…just what you need!

Imagine the time wasted having to arrange to see a doctor for a referral letter, maybe even a specialist or surgeon… And surgeons are not cheap if you want to get this stuff resolved privately.

Or sometimes when you’re in a good fitness routine, injury still strike – but you just grit your teeth and train through it. But the injury gets worse, not better. Adding to the misery, you start to pile all those unused calories onto your new love handles. What a waste, you were ‘in-the-groove’.

Nipping those niggles in the bud now will save you time, heartache and money.

Massage is not a luxury; your health is not a luxury – you need to be pain-free.

Our bodies breakdown over time – like our cars they need a tune-up from every now and then – chiefly if we are active through sports, strength training or simply advancing age.

You may have seen a therapist before, receiving some vague reasoning to why you’re broken. But here at Salecca, we tell you with clarity what the problem is, and how (unless it’s a freak accident) to not find yourself on our massage couch again anytime soon.

Unlike any other health or fitness center in Moorgate, we mix strength training; flexibility (Fascial Stretch Therapy), and postural mapping – our treatment solutions are meticulous in their execution.

We don’t treat it the symptoms. We fix the underlying issue once and for all

Indeed our therapist Christos can visit your office or home and perform a DNS (Desk N S), so those long hour seated aren’t putting strain through your shoulders, neck and lower back – how’s that for complete service?

You won’t have experienced such soothing pain relief since the last time you had banana medicine!

For your piece of mind our therapist Christos knows his stuff, he is fully qualified in:


Neuromuscular Treatment

The Spine Work Method

Sports Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

The Trigger Point Technique

DSE (Office assessments)

NB He’s also has a great bedside manner & sunny disposition, just be prepared for it to hurt a little!