Kettlebell Training

At SALECCA we use kettlebell training as a conditioning tool to build your cardiovascular fitness and help preserve muscle mass.

Traditional cardio exercises like running can be damaging for your joints, especially if you’re overweight.  Kettlebell training is a way to get the benefits of increased lung capacity and a healthy heart without impact damage.

Worried about your core strength?  Due to the unbalanced nature of the weight, they can be a useful tool for working your core.  That means no more painful planks! There’s a whole library of exciting exercises to conquer.

Kettlebell techniques are relatively easy to master and brutally effective. A few reps and you’ll be dripping with sweat! Our clients have a love/hate relationship with them…they love the muscles and curves, and when that lactic burn really makes itself known…that’s when the fun (and the serious results) really begin ;)

If you’re new to kettlebells and fancy giving them a whirl in our private studio, or if you’re a seasoned pro and want to get stuck back in, the way we use kettlebells at SALECCA will change how you train forever!

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