Freeweight Training

We don’t use machines at Salecca: no treadmills, exercise bikes or leg presses.

Why is this?

We are all about strength training, and free weights are the most effective tool for building strength. Nothing else comes close to resistance training for the development of strength, power and muscle size.

Using targeted exercises, free weights allow us to use the most amount of muscle mass using only the body’s own levers, which means you can get amazing gains while keeping your joints healthy.

Strength has the biggest impact on every other athletic endeavour, as well as your life outside the gym. If you’re looking to burn fat & build muscle while also developing a rock hardcore, you want to be working with a free weight.

When you use a machine your muscles adapt to using that machine, but you don’t get stronger as a whole. This is because the machine controls and restricts the way you move – sit here, push that. Machines don’t mimic how our body moves naturally. For example with the leg press, you sit in a chair and push – this movement never happens in real life – well, unless you’re booting your partner out of bed!

A heavy deadlift, on the other hand, is a skill which is transferable to everyday life. You’re not seated or strapped in, so your core, grip strength and coordination all have to work– you even have to balance. This teaches you how to lift heavy objects around the house without your back going!

There’s no point demonstrating strength in the gym unless you can also use it outside.