Fascial Stretch Therapy.

Give our fascial stretch therapists thirty minutes and they’ll change your flexibility and relieve your tight joints then and there.

Salecca are proud to be the first personal fitness trainers in Central London to offer Fascial Stretch Therapy. This puts us at the cutting edge of injury prevention and rehabilitation for City workers and athletes.

Eight out of every ten physiotherapy patients have a problem caused or impacted by a flexibility problem, and three quarters of these will have multiple steroid injections to relieve the symptoms. In many cases this treatment leads to avoidable surgeries with time off work, or a frustrating cycle of repeat injury leaving you in constant discomfort or pain.

Fascial Stretch Therapy gets to the route cause of your problems. It’s a unique programme that dramatically improves flexibility by lengthening muscles and fascia; the body’s complex web of connective tissues. It is a relatively new way of stretching the human body and improving overall body flexibility.

Hundreds of city workers having never tried stretch therapy feel cramping and soreness dissipate.

FST improves the flexibility of City workers with tight backs and hamstrings, to athletes looking to improve their performance and reduce injury. Traditional stretching can jam joints together, causing pain and discomfort, while a yoga class lacks the focus that can trigger a complete recovery.

Benefits of fascial stretch therapy include:

  • Reduces muscle tension

  • Restore movement

  • Decrease pain from arthritis, injury or trauma

  • Improve performance

  • Reduce recovery time for athletes

Feel what it is like to have better movements and freer, looser muscles.

“It has made great improvements to my flexibility and posture – I always left a session feeling a few inches taller, it has made a significant impact on my training and life in general.”

Robert H, 50
Personal Training Transformation Moorgate


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