If you’re a lifter who’s afraid to ‘go heavy’, or you’ve never tried due to the negative stories you’ve heard. 

Let me give you three arguments on why you going increasingly heavy, is the best thing you can do! 

Not only for your health but also for those you love. 

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The path to the top of your profession is competitive. That’s why any edge you can get matters. 

The mentality that you just need to work more is outdated – of course putting in the hours at times is necessary.

But there are other things you can do (things that your competition are not) that will fast track your way to success.

If you are overweight, you will be judged for being lazy, whether it’s true or not.

If you have an impressive physique, you create a different impression. 

Even something as simple as standing up straighter changes peoples first impression of you.

If you feel strong, you look powerful. 

Strength training also gives you an energy advantage – it makes everyday tasks easier, leaving you more energy than the average guy in the office and more opportunities to impress.

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I understand we live in a time of Fake News and fragile feelings; however, when the two mix together in my field, it’s my duty to comment.

Other than being a strength coach of over ten years, I must confess my immediate family are all vegans, so I understand this topic pretty well! So, this isn’t just, I’m a big guy who loves protein and by default hate vegans.

There’s a sentiment that if you join their cult, you’ll not only save the planet but also live forever, that’s far from what the data says!

Let me give you three reasons why being a vegan is bad for you

PS I understand the ethical argument, however, do you think if we release all those chickens into the forest, they will live happy lives? Or would the foxes make short work of them?

With the explosion of yoga as “exercise” these last few years and with the never-ending number of different practices….from ashtanga to kundalini to hot yoga done in a 40-degree room, I thought it was important to address this one from the ladies angle – Mostly because it’s more frequently women who commit to doing yoga long term.

Let me caveat today’s video by saying that if yoga is your choice for meditation or mindfulness, for breathwork then knock yourself out. The history, and traditions behind yoga practice are deep and meaningful which I respect greatly.

Today I am talking about yoga for flexibility specifically, and why yoga is a bad idea for women in this respect.

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I remember as a kid opening a Kitkat one day, and finding it was solid chocolate. You personally might think that was a good result…but nonetheless, it was not what I expected, nor what I wanted! At that point in time, I wanted a KitKat…and Kitkats are supposed to have biscuit in middle ;)
To me, there’s nothing more annoying than spending money on something, expecting a particular result…then not getting that result. It’s happened to me in business before too, and it’s not fun.
Only there’s a way this can be avoided, at least with your fitness! The reason so many people start yoga or Pilates and are disappointed in the result is because the results they were promised were not an accurate reflection of what that training method can do, to begin with.  Pilates sucks mostly because most people do it for the wrong reasons. They think it’s going to make them stronger, and more toned. It’s not.

The bigger, global muscles are what make your body look toned, the bigger muscles are the ones that get you out of pain. These are not the muscles you work in Pilates.

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“Core Training” is one of those buzz phrases that gets thrown around all over the place these days, so I thought it was important to explain exactly what that mysterious core is. Here are a few things you might have been told about core training before, why they may not be entirely accurate and how you might approach your core training differently! Just click the video to watch.

The trouble with core training is it’s very easy to get wrong and so many of the movements that get banded around as great core exercises can actually hurt your back… especially if you’ve had back trouble in the past! So tune in for less than 2 minutes to discover what core training to avoid and why :)


Ashamed by how far you’ve let your body deteriorate?  Has a simple task like moving from A-B become uncomfortable and painful?  Are you dreading a lifetime of being stuck in the medical system?

 Watch this video and I’ll give you three methods I use with my clients to lose stones of fat!

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