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There’s No Shortcuts In Fat Loss

Oct 23 2015

I’m impatient. When I want something, I want it NOW 😉 What I’m trying to say is that I understand the mentality of wanting the quick fix. Abs by tomorrow? Yes please! Quite frankly, if there was a way of delivering the body I’m working towards faster, I’d take it...

How I [Becs] Stay Motivated

Mar 17 2015

I’ve done some unusual things with my life this far – I worked in banking, then I completely changed careers to become a personal trainer….I ran for Great Britain, then I started bodybuilding!   Everything I have done I have applied myself to it 100% – it’s the way I...

How Strong Should A Woman Be?

Feb 24 2015

It’s rare that you hear this talked about anywhere – in fact even the most respected of strength coaches like Charles Poliquin will reference mens strength standards, without taking the time to cite the female equivalent. So, can you really blame us women for not having a real understanding of...

Are you bikini ready?

May 19 2014

It’s the talk of the town; London’s heatwave.  The sky is blue, people are roaming around in t shirts and summer jackets, and the beer gardens are overflowing with City folk already. So as summer approaches, its time for a little reflection, and my question to you all is this:...

Get a Bum that’s Fit for your Bikini (or a bikini that’s fit for your bum!)

May 16 2013

Back in the 1960‘s, a famous American author and etiquette coach Emily Post stated that “A bikini is for perfect figures only, and for the very young”. Since then, we all seem to have forgotten the ‘ideal’ body the bikini was made to fit! None of us want to be...

Strong is the New Skinny….

May 09 2013

Strong is officially the new skinny!                     Since the Olympics last year, role models like Jessica Ennis have gained enormous amounts of press, and female athleticism has been promoted more than ever. It is now desirable to be lean and strong....

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