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Greek yogurt with mixed berries recipe

Aug 04 2017

200g Fage gree yoghurt 85g mixed berries (frozen is ok) 5-10 drops of MyProtein berry FlavDrops Calories 251

Weightloss Considerations

Mar 03 2017

Three Considerations When Trying To Lose A Lot Of Weight Helping people lose weight is my passion.  I rarely train guys to get ripped, nor for bodybuilding – it’s too easy, there’s no challenge.  Losing weight is life changing, getting abs may be holiday photo defining, but that’s it.  People...

What It Means To Commit To A Healthy Lifestyle (Pt 1)

Jan 27 2017

  What’s the difference between the guy that obtains his ideal body then promptly loses it; vs the guy who gets there and keeps it?  Lifestyle change.  Going to the gym a few times a week doesn’t amount to much if the rest of your life is in disarray.  Many...

Sal’s Veg Chilli

Jan 20 2017

This is a really simple recipe, the only time consumers are, if you want to sprout your lentils, and if you’re a slow chopper of  veg! Ingredients 300g green lentils (sprouted preferable) 2 tbsp coconut oil 1 large onion, chopped 2 cloves garlic, crushed 1 tsp hot chilli powder 1...

The Scary Truth About How Much You Eat

Jan 20 2017

After reading todays blog there might be some of you who do not like me, some who disagree with me, and some who plain don’t believe me. But if you are one of those people who has always ‘struggled’ to lose weight then this might the the most honest perspective...

What’s Sal’s Diet Like?

Jan 13 2017

  My goal is usually to build muscle but after a routine blood tests last year I was diagnosed with high cholesterol, so for the next 6 months my goal is purely health related: cut my fat intake and increase my fibre through vegetables.  My diet generally stays the same...

Why Are Vegetables Important In Our Diet?

Jun 03 2016

You’ve probably been told to make sure you’re eating enough vegetables and getting your five-a-day for as long as you can remember. Yet despite this many of us still aren’t getting enough veg in our diet! But whats the big deal? Why are vegetables so important for health? Well, we...

The Danger of Using Only Cardio as a Form of Weight Loss

May 27 2016

Everyone knows someone who has lost weight by perfroming cardio: running, rowing even aerobics!  But is it the best way to get lean?  I argue it isn’t… The fact is, there are many different ways to skin a cat and whilst many of these methods will work, the important thing...

Is Low Carb The Best Diet For Fat Loss?

May 12 2016

Let me first start by saying I hate the word diet, as this wreaks of quick fix and yoyo dieting.  I’d rather use the word dietary strategy.  Chopping and changing how you eat to meet a short term goal is the path to frustration. Low carb for weight-loss has stuck...

FINAL Four Pillars Of Weight-loss

Dec 04 2015

Last week we covered the 4 of the most instrumental tools you need to consider when it comes to losing weight. If you didn’t catch them, you can find them again here First Four Pillars Of Weight-loss Now for the final four: Cardio has the propensity to burn muscle while...

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