Free No-Obligation Biomechanics Consultation with The City’s Leading Advanced Biomechanics Coaches.

Our personal fitness trainers use biomechanics to ensure you train safely and effectively. Getting you back to health and fitness fast. See some of our client reviews to the right…

Reduce pain and injury to perform better in sport and life.

Almost everybody has some type of muscle imbalance at some point in time, which can be caused by poor posture, lower back pain, bad knees, sports injuries and training or lifestyle factors and biomechanics will help.

We help clients get past cycles of repeat injuries, and prevent many from having invasive surgery. Our personal fitness trainers use internationally recognised biomechanics tests, accredited by UK Athletics, the PGA and UK triathlon. Whether it’s recovering from a painful injury, or excelling in your chosen sport, the biomechanics screening process can be a valuable part of you reaching your potential.

If you’re stuck in a cycle of injury, or are facing an unwanted surgery, get in touch with Salecca’s biomechanics coaches.