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Why You Can Never Be Too Strong

If you’re a lifter who’s afraid to ‘go heavy’, or you’ve never tried due to the negative stories you’ve heard. Let me give you three arguments on why you going increasingly heavy, is the best thing you can do! Not only for your health but also for those you love. Check out the video below

How A Deadlift Can Supercharge Your Career

The path to the top of your profession is competitive. That’s why any edge you can get matters. The mentality that you just need to work more is outdated – of course putting in the hours at times is necessary.But there are other things you can do (things that your competition are not) that will fast […]

Three Reasons Veganism Is Unhealthy

I understand we live in a time of Fake News and fragile feelings; however, when the two mix together in my field, it’s my duty to comment. Other than being a strength coach of over ten years, I must confess my immediate family are all vegans, so I understand this topic pretty well! So, this […]

Why Women Should Not Do Yoga

With the explosion of yoga as “exercise” these last few years and with the never-ending number of different practices….from ashtanga to kundalini to hot yoga done in a 40-degree room, I thought it was important to address this one from the ladies angle – Mostly because it’s more frequently women who commit to doing yoga […]

The Problem With Pilates

I remember as a kid opening a Kitkat one day, and finding it was solid chocolate. You personally might think that was a good result…but nonetheless, it was not what I expected, nor what I wanted! At that point in time, I wanted a KitKat…and Kitkats are supposed to have biscuit in middle ;)   […]

Heal Your Back And Never Hurt It Again

Hey guys, Sal here and welcome to our podcast. It’s a little bit late this week because today I want to talk about back pain, and last week I hurt my back. So I was interested to see when I wrote the plan for this podcast, whether or not I would change my views or […]

Why Core Training Might Hurt Your Back, Not Help It

“Core Training” is one of those buzz phrases that gets thrown around all over the place these days, so I thought it was important to explain exactly what that mysterious core is. Here are a few things you might have been told about core training before, why they may not be entirely accurate and how […]

Why Diets Don’t Work

So when it comes to dieting, they’re all pretty much all the same. They all work on what’s called a calorie deficit, where you consume fewer calories than you burn. Now, probably the number one reason why diets don’t work, even though they’re all based on a calorie deficit, is they’re too extreme. Either the […]

The Secret To Burning Fat Every Time You Train

When it comes to weight loss or results in the gym, the most important thing you need to understand is progressive overload. And progressive overload is doing more every time you go into the gym. So here’s an example that was taught to me a while back to help you understand progressive overload. So we’re […]