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Would you rather be lost in a big commercial gym where no body knows your name?

Or stuck with your average Joe personal trainer who makes you sprint and jump. despite your bad knees?

SALECCA is the antidote to impersonal gyms and generic boot camps.
Our studio is a personal, private facility. We know all our client’s birthdays and their kids names. Your life, your health and your wellbeing are important to us.

Most importantly we work together, so that collectively we bring you the best coaching and support system you could wish for.

Here’s a little information about our team…

Salman kassam owner

Salman Kassam – Co-Owner

After university, Sals dream was to be an Officer in the Royal Marine Commandos. After passing through numerous stages of their rigorous interview process, he narrowly missed the cut at the very last hurdle. He decided it was time to change approach and went to work in The City.

But for SAL, working as a Consultant didn’t fill him with enthusism! So while working his job, he spent most his free time (and some office time!) redirecting the energy and disappointment from the Marines training to be a Paratrooper. He went on to be awarded the coveted maroon beret and the prize for the top recruit on the program.

The physicality of being a paratrooper appealed far more than long hours over his desk, so he formed a plan for his future that combined the two – he qualified as a fitness coach, quit his job and co-founded SALECCA in 2009.

Since completing his personal training course, Sal has gone-on to come second in the UK as a Classic Bodybuilder and now trains as a strength coach.

“Whatever I’ve done in my life, I’ve always enjoyed taking the most challenging option. SALECCA is a place for those who feel the word ‘average’ is an insult – that’s why I founded it, and that who we attract. People who are driven and willing to push themselves both mentally and physically. I believe things worth having in life are never easily attained!”

Mo Kurimbokus Salecca counsellor

Mo Kurimbokus – Psychotherapist

It was a bank robbery where Mo worked that introduced him to counselling; after men in balaclavas rushed into the bank and held a shotgun to his face he was sent for counselling to deal with the trauma. Having experienced talking therapy first hand, Mo knew then that this was the path he wanted to take.

Mo has been working in counselling for more than 20 years now. His view is “you cannot change where you come from, but you can change where you are going.” People are often unaware of the baggage they carry from the past which influences their actions but Mo is able to show them how to deal with it and change their lives.

You will find Mo a warm, challenging and inspiring counsellor.


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