Salman Kassam


London born and bred, body transformation specialist Salman Kassam’s earlier career path is a study in opposites. Before opening Salecca, Sal studied economics and social history at university, and climber the career ladder as a consultant in IT Project Management for a City firm. He also served as a member of The IV Battalion The Parachute Regiment. The contrasts, he says, were extreme.

“I loved the active life of a paratrooper, but I hated the sedentary life of an IT consultant,” he says. “Working a desk job was pure stress: eating at my desk and going down the pub afterwards, then doing it all again the next day feeling the effects of the night before.”

He knew something needed to give, and he turned to fitness and exercise as a way to relieve stress and gain back a sense of control. As Sal began to change his life, he realised that he had something valuable to offer others like himself by helping harried professionals balance a busy work schedule with their health and fitness routine.

“I was just amazed how changing my lifestyle affected everything in my life, and I wanted to show other overstressed time-poor workers how much better their life can be,” he says.

Working with clients seems to call on skills he gained in the Parachute Regiment and working in project management. The military background shows in his approach to fitness. He’s organised and measured, enjoys a bit of banter, but is serious about getting the job done.

“Clients are here for a training session, not just a chat,” he says. “I have high standards from myself, and I expect them of my clients. Everything is well planned out and structured. It’s always enjoyable but there’s not much rest”

The discipline pays off, according to his clients, who say that Sal is a great problem solver. Whether it’s a question of diet, lifestyle, training (or more likely, all three) he always has a solution to help overcome it.

You might wonder what project management consultancy has to do with the gym, but it’s as simple as this: Sal still loves a good project.

“There’s nothing better than seeing a client change before your eyes, and hearing stories of how their friends are shocked at the way they’ve changed.”

Sal works with clients at all fitness levels, taking them just to the limit, but never over it. No matter where a client is, there’s always further to go.

“For example, I love working with intermediate weight lifters who are looking to get leaner and put on some muscle,” he says. “If you listen to what motivates your clients, and know when to use it at the appropriate time, you’re going to get results. I think my favourite part is being told that it wasn’t as hard to change as they thought – they didn’t have to give up their social life and eat only lettuce!



Premier Training International

  • Certificate in Exercise For The Management Of Lower Back Pain REPS Lv4
  • Advanced Diploma in Personal Training
  • Studio Cycling Qualification with Premier Training

Intelligent Training Systems

  • Biomechanics Trainer
  • Biomechanics Coach
  • Advanced Biomechanics Coach

Stretch To Win Institute

  • Fascial Stretch Therapist Lv 1


  • Postural Correction1

Register Of Kettlebell Professionals

  • Kettlebell Instructor
  • Kettlebell Advanced Instructor

Physical Solutions

  • Dynamic Movement Screeningr
  • Functional Training Programs

Precision Nutrition

  • Nutrition Coaching PN Lv1



  • 2014 UKBFF London & SE Champs, 1st place (Classic Bodybuilding)


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