Becs Cronshaw

Becs Cronshaw

Before becoming a fitness professional five years ago, Becs Cronshaw worked in finance. The corporate banking world might seem a million miles from the weight room, sport has always been a huge part of Becs’ life: she competed on an international level as a medal-winning distance runner and a member of the Great Britain team. Outside of the office her free time was devoted to athletic pursuits.

But in spite of all her success, something was missing. She needed a change. The boredom and lack of challenge in office life was one trigger; a spate of injuries was another. The transition from finance to fitness took time, Becs says, but committing to an all-round approach to physical fitness began to transform her body and her life. It became a true passion, and suddenly she knew where her path lay.

“There was a lot to change about how I viewed health and exercise. I realised it’s not always about pushing through pain and starving yourself,” says Becs. “I wanted to help others whose bodies don’t necessarily move perfectly, but who are motivated and driven to get better.”

Her sporting experience is diverse and balanced and has been applied to the work she has done with recreational athletes and pro cyclists. In her work with clients, she brings an understanding of athletic programming and control. Her motivational style is light-hearted and fun, though always demanding, and clients say that her bubbly personality keeps them pushing harder than they ever would on their own. Becs has an instinctive sense of her clients’ limits, and an uncanny way of getting them just to the edge. To Becs, coaching is about sharing the benefits she’s gained:

“There’s no better feeling than being strong, lean and confident,” she says. “I want others to experience what weight training can do for them. Especially for women, there is just something empowering about being physically strong and capable, and I love to share that with my clients.”

When you show up to a session with Becs, expect to work hard. You don’t have to be superman or superwoman, but you do need to be ready to accept a challenge.

“My ideal client isn’t afraid to learn new things and go out of their comfort zone,” says Becs. “I love people who approach fitness with an open mind and willingness to put the work in.”

After all this time, Becs is certain she made the right choice in becoming a transformation specialist, because every day brings fresh challenges and triumphs: “I love that when working with people, there are never two exact bodies that are the same – there’s always a something new, a surprise. I love the feeling when clients tell me that they’ve been given their life back.”



Premier Training International

  • Advanced Diploma in Personal Training

Intelligent Training Systems

  • Biomechanics Trainer
  • Biomechanics Coach
  • Advanced Biomechanics Coach
  • Sports Massage (Studying)

Stretch To Win Institute

  • Fascial Stretch Therapist Lv 1

Gary Gray Institute

  • Biomechanics For Running

The UK Strength & Conditioning Association

  • Olympic Lifting

Register Of Kettlebell Professionals

  • Kettlercise Instructor

University Of Nottingham

  • Architecture & Town Planning from University Of Nottingham with Hons. 2005



  • 2013 UKBFF Stars of tomorrow, 4th place (Body Fitness)
  • 2014 UKBFF London & SE Champs, 1st place (Physique)


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