Salecca is the brainchild of Becs and me (Sal), hence the name SAL ECCA.

Staying active was a big part of both our early lives, Becs was an international medal-winning distance runner while at Nottingham University, and I was an award-winning member of the IV Parachute Regiment. Working at a desk was never going to be stimulating enough for us.

So over ten years ago we both worried our parents sick by quitting lucrative jobs for the tough road of PT entrepreneurship. Adding to their fear was the significant turnover rate within fitness, with 80% leaving within two years – so the heat was on to create something unique!

Yes as with most companies we wanted our clients to get results, not a status symbol. That’s why we developed a strength, nutrition coaching & rehabilitation method that’s underwritten by practicality & common sense. But that’s not enough for us. We wanted clients to experience positive change in their lives that they weren’t expecting. To finally enjoy training, balance their lives & tune-out from their stresses.

I’m happy to say after all these years Salecca is that unique company people cannot shut up about, and that’s down to the demeanour of our coaches and staff. We recruited team members not only for their skills but their desire to help people – enthusiasm and positivity oozes from us all.

When what we do is our passion, it’s unfair to the competition. We work harder than anyone else for our clients, because it’s not ‘work’ to us, it’s ‘play’. Becs and I believe working with us is the best decision you’ll make for your future wellbeing.