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Why should you strength train?

Here at SALECCA we believe that getting stronger gives you the power to transform your life, not just your body.

Your journey might start in the gym, but it goes so much further.

The benefits of strength training (whatever your age) are endless – from building muscle and burning more calories – to reducing stress – to giving you more energy and helping you feel more confident naked.

Our personal training studio in Moorgate is not like other gyms – we don’t bark orders at you like you are in the army and we don’t force you to eat chicken and broccoli for the rest of your life.

Our entire focus is on getting you strong. Because lifting weights, without excessive cardio is the key to a younger you!

Why does flexibility matter?

Ever bent down to pick something up off the floor, then all of a sudden you feel that dreaded ‘ping’ and you simply can’t stand back up?

That’s the sad reality if you have a problem with your flexibility.

Nobody wants to live in constant fear of injury – that’s why our flexibility classes in London are a crucial part of your health and fitness journey.

Plus, it’s all very well getting strong and looking good, but if you don’t move better, then will you ever truly feel better?

Our fascial stretch therapy is the best in London, and coupled with the right strength training for your body, you can get into the best shape of your life – even if you were never sporty in your youth.

Why are fit CEO’s more successful?

A twins study published in November last year showed chemicals released in the body through exercise could boost not only our processing power but also the mass of our grey matter.

Simply put, if you want to perform better at work, earn more money and stay ahead of your peers, physical fitness is the way to do it.

No, you don’t need to train every day to get fit, and you don’t need to give up all the things in your life you enjoy.

But if you want to optimise your performance in the workplace then taking a good look at your overall health and wellness is a good place to start.

If you’re worried about fitting fitness into a busy schedule then our personal training in Moorgate could be the ideal solution.


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