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Bullet proof your body – How to avoid injury

Nov 17 2015

Few events in our lives are more humbling than an injury. One minute you are getting involved in the action in the middle of the pitch, the next minute you are laying on the floor in agony –  so quickly we go from feeling completely invincible to feeling like a...

Are You Training Correctly To Meet Your Goals?

Nov 06 2015

Todays blog is about how to tell if your program (or even your trainer!) is is giving you the right training for your goals. Looking out for the following key things when deciding what program to follow…. Does it have more than 20 sets per single muscle group? So many...

Three tips to enhance your sporting performance

Jul 22 2014

Whilst I am a physique athlete, I still have to run my business full-time, so I  am always looking for ways to streamline my training.  Cutting out the rubbish and staying on top of new theories and techniques allows me to make the most of my valuable training time. So...

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